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San Jose HCG Injections

Are you tired of feeling fat in your clothes and being unhappy about your physical appearance? Many San Jose area residents are overweight and have struggled to produce desired weight loss results through a starvation diet, dieting pills and other efforts. Unfortunately, when you are not happy with how you look and feel, you can experience a negative impact on your personal life. Your professional life or career may also be affected.

There is more at stake when you are overweight or obese. When your body has an excessive amount of abnormal fat, also known as adipose tissue, there is an increased likelihood that your lifespan will be reduced and that you could struggle with serious or fatal health conditions. Some of these conditions include diabetes, several types of cancer, heart disease and other conditions related to your weight.

The plan to reduce your calorie intake to produce a desired weight loss result should be addressed cautiously. When your body believes that you have entered starvation mode, it will cling to fat. Muscle mass may be reduced. Keep in mind that muscle mass is tied to your metabolic rate, so reducing muscle mass through a very low-calorie meal plan could actually result in weight gain down the road.

A research study completed in the 1950s by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons focused on how a pregnant woman produces and uses HCG hormone. It was known that an expecting woman produces a very high level of HCG, and Dr. Simeons determined through careful research that the HCG hormone is essential in providing the growing fetus with ample nutrition and calories on a steady basis. A pregnant woman cannot consume food non-stop in order to nourish the fetus, and the HCG hormone enables the body to convert her fat stores into nutrients that the baby can use. More than that, it does not target the healthy and essential fat that the mother’s body needs for its own health and well-being. Instead, it focused on abnormal fat stores. These are the same fat cells that you want to lose. When you visit a San Jose HCG diet clinic, you can learn how HCG injections can be used to help you reduce your weight while specifically targeting your abnormal fat tissue.

How Results Are Generated

Understanding how the HCG hormone diet works to effectively assist with weight loss is important, and a consultation at a local San Jose clinic is a great opportunity to get your questions answered. Now that you are aware that the HCG hormone in a pregnant body targets adipose or abnormal fat tissue and converts it into usable energy, you should be aware that it does the same thing in a non-pregnant woman or in a man. Rather than channeling that energy to a fetus, the energy is used by your own body. Your body will not make HCG on its own, so you will need to visit an HCG clinic in San Jose for injections.

When the new HCG in your body converts fat into energy, you will be able to function healthily and without feeling hunger while consuming a lower calorie diet. In fact, in order to enjoy fast, superior results from an effective HCG diet, you should plan to consume a very low-calorie diet. Keep in mind that you can still get all of the nutrients that your body needs for health while still consuming minimal calories. Weight and fat loss are possible and are likely to be profound when you reduce calorie intake and follow a regimen of prescribed HCG injections.

With a standard low-calorie diet, your body may not receive all of the nutrients that it needs, and it may believe that it is starving. While pounds may be lost, the targeted tissues create unhealthy weight loss and do not remove the type of fat that you really want and need to target. The introduction of HCG hormone into your diet plan through assistance at a local San Jose clinic allows you to reduce your calorie intake while also targeting the abnormal fat tissue that you are most concerned about.

A Different Dieting Experience

You may have tried to reduce calorie intake many times in the past, and you likely were unable to maintain any results that you produced. The HCG diet plan gives you a different experience with lasting results. It specifically targets the type of fat that you are concerned about. This is abnormal fat that offers no health benefits to you and that generally can result in detrimental health conditions. The HCG diet plan requires you to lower your calorie intake substantially, but the HCG enables you to do so without negative consequences. When you lower your calorie intake, you can choose your own low-calorie meals and snacks based on the types of foods that you prefer. This makes your dieting experience more enjoyable. Keep in mind that you will need to visit the San Jose HCG diet clinic several times during this process. Those with underlying or pre-existing conditions will need more frequent visits.

While your previous efforts may have been stressful and relatively non-productive, the HCG diet is an effective and healthy way to target abnormal fat and to finally lose unwanted pounds. You can remove fat rapidly when you follow this medically-assisted approach. If you are ready to see fat reduction results and to lose your unwanted pounds, reach out to a San Jose HCG diet clinic for an appointment.